The CouchSurfing Idea

Have you ever heard about CouchSurfing? Well if not and you are a traveller then your are missing this one awesome idea.

Travelling of course is our way to satisfy our bored, tired and wandering souls. And that’s okay, in fact that’s exactly what you have in mind, right? But the thing is you are travelling to a new place as a stranger and you might be leaving as still a stranger. Yeah you saw the amazing sites, swam and bunjee jump, ate their food, but when you go back home you realize you are still a stranger to that place with no meaningful connections at all.

So how is CouchSurfing going to change travelling? In simple words I’d say you’ll make real encounters and connections to the places you go to. You go deep, deeper into a local’s home – relate and stay with them! You meet with other travellers or locals to hangout, dine out/in and checkout real awesome places with new friends. CouchSurfing lets you connect to a new place then leave it as no stranger anymore because experiences and camaraderie are built. It’s a community where hospitality is the main thing and everyone is willing to help out and welcome, all for the price of ZERO! No kidding, this is a non profit org and nobody will be asking for a fee – just bee courteous, cooperative and honest. Yes there are still good things in life that are still free.

Is it really safe? If your letting someone in on your house or meeting a stranger, is it safe? Of course, like everything in life, you still have to look after yourself and always be careful. Every user has a feedback list and you can always investigate around. I believe everyone is thinking about their safety so for sure they will also extend that ideal safe environment for other people.

Well that’s it for me. Do checkout and spread the CouchSurfing idea!


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