Cyber Traveling

How glorious it is to be able to travel afar inside the confines of my four-cornered room. Yes, I don’t have weeks to go off or resources to venture out but it has been wonderful that I can see what others see, laugh at what others laugh at, or taste what others ate with me just sitting in front of a square LCD screen. Depressing it may sound but I tell you it’s not all that. For someone like me who is limited by my corporate job, I have to minimize vacation times. Spread it out over the calendar. And find my way to destinations I eagerly desire.

So when my feet are held aback… oh no, I do not despair on what I maybe missing out for everyday I find myself traveling with the author of what I’m reading online. One day it’s about Beijing, last time went on India, yesterday Indonesia, and then last week Tawi-Tawi. It’s fantastic what everyone’s doing and even more what they’re writing. You find out new stuff that once upon a time never crossed your mind. Travel is not just about luxury, not even for pleasure only. It enlightens and inspires us to do greater things like those who volunteer or like those who brave the world and break out of their comfort zones.

I was born in the city and raised in the city. I spent my whole life in the city and thought that was all there is. But when you discover new things, even those outside of your own capacity, you suddenly realize there is beauty out there to see.


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