Am I gonna be broke when I get back home?

For a while now I’ve been saving up for a week long vacation. While mostly it isn’t dramatic, this will be the trip wherein I’ll set foot, for the first time, in a really expensive place. “How much is this? How much is that? Ughh I need to be extra ready financially, after all I DON’T want to crawl my way back to my beloved country.” So I think I got it all figured out, yeyyy! My projected months of saving seems all good. I’ve tallied “everything” and they got in, thank goodness! I can enjoy the beaches of Krabi under the good ‘ol sun sipping tropical shakes ahhhh, run to the cold mountains of Genting and zip through the park woohooo, stroll down the luxuries of Singapore like a (wannabe) rockstar.

Then I dunno, someone at the back of my head suddenly pointed – “Look at the numbers” Huwaaht! (Who’s there??) Haha silly the numbers tells me exactly what I wanted to hear. Or so I think.. “Am I gonna be broke when I get back home?” Hmmm that’s a thought. Am I really?! If I have this and this minus that to that then whoa! – that is a whoa (I have to admit bank’s aren’t flattering at all).

Well I don’t know yet what’s the ending to this EXCITING drama but it’s dawning on me soon…

[UPDATED] Sorry this conclusion came too late for reasons outside of the trip BUT the bottom line is – No, I didn’t end being broke and in fact I was far from it. The thing is Thailand is such an affordable destination, Malaysia maybe a bit higher but I only stayed there for one day, the tricky part is the final stop – Singapore, it’s a generally expensive place but I was able to manage my expenses by eating at hawker places only and taking the commute. I think I was able to get by with 15-20 thousand pesos (PH) only on my pocket with some shopping already but of course my room & tours in Krabi was already paid (watch out for my post about Krabi). And most of all, my bank isn’t dry =)


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