Secret “Beach” No More

We all seen the movie “The Beach” – (if not then where were you during the 90s?!). It’s a film that always ends up in a traveler’s list. All the mystery, adventure and urban legend feeling is just intriguing, right. It’s no news anymore about the whereabouts of this featured paradise. The location – Maya bay in Koh Phi Phi, Thailand.

I may not be as mighty adventurous as Richard there, but once I heard about the possibility of going there with some group of people, I was like “I’m game!” I was immediately imagining how it would look in person. I am from The Philippines and while I’m already used to seeing sea and beaches, I still want to be amazed anew.

It’s generally a long trip to Krabi from The Philippines. There’s no direct flight so we had to go to Kuala Lumpur first, sleep in the airport, then fly again to Krabi. In Krabi is the Ao Nang town where we’ll use as our base. Ao Nang is a nice sea side place where walking along the streets, checking out street food, souvenir shopping, and having Thai massage is a common routine. The town is used to travelers from all over which is why they generally understand English. Thai food is fantastic, spicy but nice. Locals are friendly. Though the the movie made the place really famous, when we got there the crowd was not awful.

We hopped on a speedboat, along with some other asian groups (I think they arrange boats by continent haha), then after stopping a couple of islands for swimming, snorkeling, and picture taking, we arrived to a hidden enclave where the water is still & clear, and the sand is fine. It’s an awesome find for someone who wants a beach for themselves BUT now since it’s no longer secret, I felt like “hmmm so this is where the whole of Ao Nang is?” The water still looked pristine although half of the beach front (it wasn’t long by the way) was already taken as a parking area. Walking further into the island, we saw that some remains, such as tents, lamps etc. from the film production were left. A couple of steps more and we reached the other side of the island. Some could do cliff jumping there but NO I didn’t haha. Could be cool if I was with Leonardo in the island but I could just enjoy the fine sand, sun & water then that he once did =)

Here’s my clip of Krabi


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