Long Story – it’s Short!

When I went to Taiwan some weeks back I knew I had to go back. It was only a week long trip and I was busy running around a couple of cities, jumping on buses, and catching trains. I knew very much it’s considered a big no-no for travelers to do it this way – I mean there’s just no way experiences will be deep more so it ain’t relaxing at all. But for a corporate worker like me, this is the only way I know I can. I know that already, accepted it, and tossed all my complaining at the back… after all I still need to work it so I can make the dreaming into reality even for just a tiny sip of the cup.

In these short trips we are bound to miss some things. Just like me missing Taipei Zoo and seeing the cute Panda bears when I was in Taiwan. Pandas are not native to Taiwan, they came in from China but even so these huggable creatures are definitely an interesting sight. Another I consider a “miss” are Yehliu and Jiufen Old Street, technically I did not miss these two because I did pay a visit to these places but due to the awful weather the stop was not fun. Rain and cloud hampered my view but these two are a definite must. Yehliu’s unique rock formation is remarkable and picture perfect so next time I’ll make sure the sun is high and winds are kept to a minimum.

Yehliu on upper right corner

Yehliu on upper right corner

While I was able to get a few snapshots of Yehliu, Jiufen on the other hand had none when I was there. I wasn’t aware of the impending Taiwan holiday when I planned my trip to which resulted in an overcrowded Jiufen. It was awful that I could barely enjoy the food because every stall was busy. On other news the overlooking view of Jiufen was caught M.I.A. too due to the heavy cloud… yeah I thought the cool February is perfect but I guess not. My timing was not right but Jiufen’s Old Street looked really nice. Sometimes though it’s the itinerary that’s too busy…. ahhh I remember going to Kamotes Island in Cebu wherein I never got to try the beach when I was there!

Kamotes Island, Cebu

On a different angle missing out is not all about the not so good first time. Sometimes when something so nice happened you just want to prolong it… well that’s the case when I was in Krabi Thailand. Known for its great beaches (yes “beaches” not just one).

Maya Bay

Maya Bay, Krabi

We were able to see the beautiful islands under the good sun but time flies so fast on the good ones. Just like my stay in Bantayan, Cebu where quiet beautiful white beach lies.

Bantayan Island, Cebu

Or when you are in a music festival that you never want to stop!

Baler Surf & Music Festival

So if we can’t have those long trips we’ll just have to keep coming back.


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