Take a ride

Jeepneys are dubbed as the king of the (Philippine) road due to their overwhelming presence in the streets. They are famous for having wild (or creative??) drivers but with proper care these jeeps will be your partner in your everyday journey in the country.


It doesn’t have air-conditioning or a super comfy seat but these babies offer you CHEAP! And maybe super loud videoke sounds while you take your ride. If you got the heart and you can take the heat of the sun, then take a ride and feel the local commuters life – you will certainly be entertained by the many things that happen inside but just be cautious and leave your fancy stuff at home.

Did you know that you can tour Manila and neighboring towns onboard a jeep? More so you can do it while enjoying Filipinos favorite past time – VIDEOKE! That’s right just join JeepneyTours.


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