I’m scared of stares!

Don’t you just hate it when you get stared at. When my friends give me the eye I quickly mutter WHAT?! When a passenger in a jeep stares at me I return the favor. And in both cases they’re quick to retreat. But I wonder what’s the reasoning behind.

I remember my trip to Taiwan before. As being in a Chinese nation, I’d look so much different from the citizens. I got several stares to which others followed with a “You Filipino?” or “Filipino! Manny Pacquiao!”. It’s a common thing when a foreign looking individual gets the look on. And I think I’m guilty of it too but I rarely get caught. So what was I thinking then??? Let me cite some: (1) I can’t help but stare and admire the uncommon/foreign face in front of me, (2) I’m starstruck! They look like the people I see on movies, and (3) I wonder what are they thinking/saying about my country. It is true that some stares are dangerous but others are just your typical curiosity. So yeah foreign people in foreign land can indeed feel like rockstars! 😀


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