Surf and Music Festival goes to Ilocos

It’s August! And in 3 more months my favorite season (and festival) will arrive!

When this season’s horrible stormy rains comes to an end, the surfing season of 2012 begins. It’s a perfect way to welcome a new beginning as we travel to the beaches, have fun in water and party with music. That’s right – Surf & Music Festival is coming! Last year’s festival was awesome and I just saw that this year’s is underway. Location – Pagudpod, Ilocos Norte. I hear yah… I didn’t know there was actually a surf spot around this area so this will be a new find for most of us. Plus the band lineup looks fantastic, I know I will be happy with Imago, Urbandub, and Up Dharma Down on it!

So mark those dates guys, let’s head to the white sandy beach of Ilocos and have the best time! Travel with your friends or better yet meet new ones like I did 🙂


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