To take a photo, or not?

When it comes to the world of photography, spontaneity is one of the most beautiful art. The scene is authentic, drama is captured, and it gets people to think of the story behind. I have my fair share of contribution to this –  a couple holding hands while walking down the paths of Angkor complex, a vendor shouting her hearts out to passers by, children playing in sandy beaches of Krabi.

For most of us, these shots are no easy task though. You have to hide your presence from your subject by either (1) purchasing those long zooming lenses or (2) being extra creative when aiming those cameras – climb trees or aim waist low (ask the experts to know other techniques).

But as I woke up the other day, it suddenly occurred to me… is there no ethical issues I’m violating when I take shot of others without them knowing it? In some places or countries, the guidebooks explicitly advise about asking permission before taking photos. But I’d suspect most people would still do otherwise elsewhere to get a more real action, or maybe cause it’s just plain faster. What do you guys think? Am I just thinking too much here?


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