Need some Indian Rail help?

I’ve been making plans for India next year and of course dealing with India’s rail system will not be missed. The Indian Rail site is the primary place you’ll go to for checking out train schedules, fares, and booking. The system is immense (and I’m not talking about the payment yet) that landing on the right page may leave someone in confused state. The first time I went there I immediately went to train schedule as that I suspect where I will figure out routes and timing, but it left me lost cause I didn’t know what train number or name to put. But after a few clicks here and there I found the right page… yeah I thought it was easy after all. What’s even better is that I found another site called eRail where it’s easier to check out routes, schedules, and fares but I don’t think you can book tickets there. And since we’re on the topic of booking, from what I read it’s not a straightforward deal but it’s doable even if you’re outside India. Here’s a good reference on this topic.


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