Can I dive?

Okay so what do you think is the most frightening thing for someone who doesn’t know how to swim? How about getting swallowed by the deep blue? Yeah that’s a scary thought for me. Unfortunately I don’t know how even after taking some lessons (oh pity!). But what’s sad is that I’m living in a ‘paradise’ archipelago and I don’t have the means to explore the rich marine life that surrounds.

Guess what, ain’t a problem anymore! Did you know that you can go diving without knowing how to swim? That’s right you can go so so deep and be filled with amazement.

On a random day in the middle of a holiday, my friends and I decided to take a leap and go diving. For a small price of 1000 pesos, we were taken by our divemasters down into the sea. Of course it’s an intro course and we can only go a little further but it doesn’t matter cause this is just the first step for tomorrow we will open the world underneath the water.


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