Urbiztondo beach surfing

Urbiztondo beach. That is the place where surfers head to in Northern Philippines. And if you are one of them I’m sure you won’t mind the 6-7 hours ride from the capital Manila.

Sun is setting on Urbiztondo beach

I went here during the Surf and Music Fest this year. Place is busy but I liked that my favorite bands are playing. When I spoke to Mickey (a local), he said that on a normal day the beach is really quiet and peaceful but since La Union is home to many surfers, they also have a lot of surfing events that happen year round.

And as with many surf spots in the country, surf season usually happen between October – March in La Union. Me and my friends are only beginners in this sport and we think La Union’s waves are a tad difficult than its counterpart Baler but it’s still tolerable. For more advanced surfers, you can head to the point break at the far right of the beach line.

To go to Urbiztondo beach from Manila, just take a Partas bus bound for Laoag then tell the driver to drop you off Sebay (See-bey).


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