Puja Mandala’s harmony

When me and my friend went to Bali last November, we were fortunate enough to witness this enlightening complex – Puja Mandala.

We were on our way to the home of our host Ede in Nusa Dua but shortly before we arrived to his place he stopped in an area where different structures stood. I thought “Wow his place looks nice and big!” and then he mentioned something about a temple so then my thought changed to “Is he living in a church?“. After he explained more did I realize that I was standing in a complex where different beliefs are a residence.

Puja Mandala

Protestant church in Puja Mandala

From Buddhist temple to Protestant church to Hindu temple to Catholic church to Muslim mosque, they were living in harmony and respect. I asked Ede what was it like there on a normal day and he said it was just the usual atmosphere as where other churches were. He added that conflicts are not apparent since different beliefs have different times of gathering and each one keeps the movements to a respectable volume.

I didn’t get to see an actual gathering there since we were in Bali for a short time only but what this complex represents is a big statement to each and every believer.


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