Anilao in kayak

So last August I tried for the very first time to dive in Davao. I was so proud of myself and excited at the same time that I badly wanted to go do it again but this time somewhere near like Anilao. While Anilao is great for diving, this post however is not about it. I know I know you’re kind of thinking – “what the?!” – but lemme tell you that you can still enjoy Anilao even if you don’t go deep. Of course diving is still the main activity there, no doubt about it, but when you’re done diving and wanna relax then kayaking is for you. With the laid back feel of Anilao, boating around is more than nice. You lay in the middle of the water with the nice view of hills and mountains and with the cool breeze keeping you company. You can even go fish if that’s your thing!

kayaking in Anilao

kayaking in Anilao

Of the many resorts and inns I saw around Anilao, I think Anilao Beach Club is the only one with kayaks but I could be wrong so go ahead and ask your resort if they have one.


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