Checklist 101: The Travel Fund

Every trip calls for a little preparation. Every dream comes with some preparation. Although preparation is probably one of those things that massively tests our patience, good things come out of it. It also shouts how important and focused we are on something by the kind of preparation we do. Of course there’s a difference between over thinking it and working to achieve it. So what exactly is my point here… let’s carry on.

I’m gonna focus on the subject I’m mostly fond of – TRAVEL. Everybody I know who loves to travel has established their DREAM destination. And most of them (including me of course), thinks of it as so outrageously big that it’s close to impossible to happen… any time soon. But I also believe in the saying that if there’s a will there’s a way, after all there’s God so definitely I’ve got a way. And while I strategically plan in my head how to pursue it, reality is far from a single daydream. That is true but what I did realize also is that I can slowly work on something so as to make the dream closer and closer.

Travel Fund

The idea of travel fund may not be alien to some. An account in the bank just for travel. But if you’re like me who just jumped ship, then travel funds  are a great way to start working on that dream. I think we can all agree that money is a big consideration in travel. Some may have no problems with it hopping ever so joyously in their dream trip, while others scoured every corner in the web, knocked on every couch just to make it happen with the cent in their pocket. Now that would make an incredible and inspiring tell tale but if you’re not monetary capable and that’s not your idea of risk then TRAVEL FUND could be your window to that dreamy adventure you’ve been nursing in your head. Here’s how I do it. I workout a portion of my income each month and put it on a dedicated account. An account that’s solely for the purpose of travel – not shopping, bills, food or any other expense. If you’re aiming for a big trip then you may opt out on withdrawing from it until the trip. This way you have something to hold on to and not just a mere word of “I will save for my dream trip”. Slowly the fund will grow. You may look at it from time to time to get some inspiration and re-assure your goal. But definitely at one point the number will reach the target. It took you a while but the possibility is just a matter of preparation.

Your dream destination can now be your reality.


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