Checklist 101: The Virtual Assistant

Whether you’re gearing up for a long term trip or a short stint, finding extra income to finance a plan is on every travelers to-do. Let’s admit it not everybody has enough funds right on the get-go. Of course there are plenty of ways that will give you what you are looking for and maybe some that are yet to be discovered. But the bottom line is you just have to be creative, patient, and willing to make it work.

Assistant of the world

One of the new trends you will find these days is a job as a Virtual Assistant (VA). What’s a Virtual Assistant you say? Well on the literal sense it is an assistant who is that – virtual. We all know an assistant’s job is subjective, doing almost anything the boss asks them to. For VA’s it’s no different. You can be tasked to do any type of job, only that they can only be done over the web or electronically. Work schedules can be flexible or it can be fixed depending on the type of job, or even cooler there’s no schedule at all for as long as you can present a good result! It’s a growing market now that outsourcing is becoming popular. Even individual employers are in the loop!

For travelers this is a great opportunity to earn something on the side. They can work from anywhere in the world where there is an internet connection and still be able to go somewhere they love. From writing, emailing, typing, copy writing, and so on, the choices just keeps on growing. So why not get into the circle and start funding that trip or better yet earn while on it!

Here are some sites you can start on:

Just a word of caution, while there are a lot of Virtual Assistant postings you will see on the web, some of them may be totally hoax. Be wise before you hit that Apply button. It always helps to study the posting contents and the background of the employer. From my experience, anything that says as little to almost nothing about the responsibilities or tasks will be something to avoid or else you’ll end up in one of those Captcha type of jobs (which is like totally impossible to earn at!). And it also pays if your agreements can be tracked.

The world is indeed changing. Exciting and convenient. But more importantly it opens possibilities.


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