Calaguas of Camarines Norte

Summer in the country is about to hit us. Mountain top gears, waters splashing speed, sunny fruit shakes, minibus rides… fun fun fun! The season where probably a  lot of discoveries happen.

Mahabang Buhangin in Calaguas

You probably heard about it already. You probably knew someone who’s been there. Either way you got this curiosity in you that lingers. You ask “Is it really beautiful?”


Judging from this picture, it sure is! In person? Let me say – clear blue waters, soft white sand beach. You’re away from the city, away from what keeps you busy, and all you have to do is laze around and wait for the setting sun.

Calaguas Sunset

To cap this unique experience, you will sleep under the stars. No hotels, no roof, tents are optional. You got no lights, only the cosmos shine.

Calaguas is found all the way in Camarines Norte. A long 6-7 hour drive from Manila plus a 2 hour boat ride. It’s an effort but I think the good ones are hidden that way.

Best way to enjoy is to bring all your friends and eat Bicolano style.


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