I am heading to Boracay – Join me!

Okay, so it has been a while since I was out and about – no thanks for being a salary dependent person ugh. I have been hungry of exploring and relaxing to beautiful places.

So now after some “travel drought”, I’m gonna be having a holiday off weeee! Yah I know it’s not really a big deal haha but I just got a new idea… hence the opening of a new category in my blog posts – “Where I am heading?”

What is it all about?

My upcoming destination is not really rare or new to a lot of travelers. I have actually been there a couple of times already so making it a little different caused me to tell you my readers where I am going and invite you to hangout and explore. Good way to meet new friends and see the place (cheaply lol). But remember this is purely for travel and NOT to get hitched!

Destination is Boracay and it will be on June 8-12 2013. Boracay is an island in Aklan Philippines enjoyed for its white beach and party atmosphere. We can sail in a paraw, enjoy chats over fruit shakes, munch on anything grilled or seafood, watch the sunset while in a chute, do lots of shopping etc.

So if you’re traveling to Boracay too and wanna join, leave a comment below 🙂


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