How do you decide your travel?

How do you decide where or when to travel? Are you the kind who base it on capability? Or are you more like the “I will just go” kind of guy? If your answer is the second then I really envy you. It may sound careless or unpractical but there is that sense of freedom when I look at it. A freedom that you are not bound on conformity but leave you bearing sense and a little extra to your life.

If you ask me that question though I don’t really know what answer I’ll give but more often it boils down to capability. I think most of us do too. In one way or another money matters, availability matters, our present commitment matters. We cannot leap out of everything and chase the world’s offerings. Or can we?

Some people did. We’ve read about their stepping out and how they braved the worries they once had. But can everyone really follow suit? Maybe. Maybe not. Everybody has got their own circumstance. Each one is on a situation different from the others. And more fitting, everyone’s skill and personality is different. So while the fairytale ending we dream may be the same, thinking it through is still important.

Recently though my way of deciding about travel has changed. Maybe not entirely but it changed somehow. I think I’ve become more of a spontaneous decider in terms of pinning my travels. I book flights thinking of only two things: (1) I want to go to that place and (2) it will fall on at least one non working holiday. I am still bounded by work situation (thus the need to be on a holiday) but the other thing that I usually consider when planning my travel seems to move in the background – budget. Of course it will still matter but I guess I just decided that it will not be my travel stimulus and it felt good. Whatever the need for it I will just deal with it later. I decide on my dreamy destination now then face the budgetting later.

How about you, how do you guys decide your travels? 🙂


2 thoughts on “How do you decide your travel?

  1. I am currently at a stage in my life with very little commitments, including my occupation which (although it is a relatively good job considering the economic situation in my area of the UK and I am thankful for it) I am happy to leave once my budget reaches the desired level. So I guess the main thing for me is budget, then I like to think what I actually want to do in a particular place in accordance with my desire the ‘see’ it. I am in the mindset at the moment that I like to work at least six months in a place so I can learn more about the place and people. I think there can often be a tendency to want to go somewhere to ‘have been there’, rather than actually experience and learn. Longer stays are my preferred travel experience, and although I haven’t been able to do it as much as I would like, I intend to make it a habit in the near future 🙂

  2. That I think is the best way to ‘see’ a place – see the place, meet the people, live there and as you said work. I dream of doing that too but unfortunately I’ve only visited places no more than 2 weeks, I actually consider the experience as just shallow 😦 that is at risk of being forgotten some weeks, months, years later. I hope you reach your desired budget soon and do tell about your endeavor after =)

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