I am heading to Batanes – Join me!

Destination: Batanes islands, Philippines

Date: August 21-28

What used to be a hard to reach group of islands is now within the common people’s grasp. Yep, Batanes will not be a fantasy to most of us anymore. So why is the northern tip of the country so hot in the eyes of many? Simple. Just look at this.

Batanes hills

Batanes hills by ourawesomeplanet

Batanes can only be reached by plane and fares can be so mighty expensive. But good thing came a new airline which can offer promo fares. I got mine for P2,794.00 RT for what used to be a 10K regular fare! Only draw is that I booked mine in the months of rainy season but who knows sun might join me then 🙂


2 thoughts on “I am heading to Batanes – Join me!

  1. looks amazing! I have been to the Philippines many times as I have family there, although they anre mainly based in the Visayas so I haven’t even touched the north. I hope you enjoy the trip and I’m very upset that I can’t join!

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