Aerosmith Live in Manila

I love music (reason I love going to music festivals! yeah!). So music lovers guess what Aerosmith is going to be playing in Manila! Date – May 8, 2013. If you’re a fan why not time your Philippine trip around this so you can enjoy the music and the islands.

Episode 15: Nearing the end

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EDSA: New Bus Scheme

EDSA is such a dreaded word in Manila. It is the main highway in the metropolis which traverses several cities. Actually it’s so useful to both local commuters and visitors but its usefulness is also plagued by horrible volume of traffic.

The MMDA has recently released a new bus scheme along this popular road. So if you find yourself in the area, be sure to plan ahead and save yourself the hassle cause not all bus types stops in every corner.

I personally think this is for the best. Though it may be frustrating to find my destination not in the bus’ route, I know I must learn to get by as I usually do in foreign places.

EDSA Bus Scheme

PHL 360: Submerged and Immersed

A look into El Nido and Palaui

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